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“Parents Who Host, Lose the Most:Don’t be a party to teenage drinking”


Parents Who Host, Lose The Most: Don’t be a party to teenage drinking is a national campaign - that BernCo has adopted - to inform parents and all adults about the health and safety risks associated with underage drinking and the legal consequences of providing alcohol to minors.

Underage drinking increases during celebratory times, such as prom and graduation, and the campaign encourages parents and the community to send a unified message that teen alcohol consumption is not acceptable.

There are many health-related consequences of youth consuming alcohol including negative effects on brain development, risky behavior and a greater risk of becoming alcohol-dependent later in life.

The bottom line is, it is illegal, unsafe, and unhealthy for anyone under age 21 to drink alcohol.

Parents who give alcohol to their teen’s friends under any circumstances, even in their own homes, are breaking the law. Parents who knowingly allow a person under 21 to remain in their home or on their property while consuming or possessing alcoholic beverages can be prosecuted.

Adults (non-parents/non-guardians) can be prosecuted for “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” or for violating the “Liquor Control Act” by serving or purchasing alcohol for minors. Both offenses are fourth degree felonies, which carry up to 18 months imprisonment and up to a $5,000 fine, in addition to the jail time.

The Parents Who Host campaign is funded by the local liquor license tax which is approved on an annual basis by the Board of County Commissioners. The $250 fee per liquor license, in the unincorporated areas of Bernalillo County, is assessed and dedicated toward public education, specifically the prevention of underage drinking.

The campaign is an evidence-based strategy that has been shown to reduce the incidence of underage drinking in communities that have used the campaign. Parents Who Host, Lose the Most: Don’t be a party to teenage drinking was developed by the Drug Free Action Alliance in 2000.

For more information, please visit www.BernCo.gov/DoNotHost.

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